Empty spots fill the air Hovering all around me. I turn, I look, I wonder Searching and waiting Only to find there are  Empty spots all around me.  I look for where you should be To where I can say that’s me. So small in the world I am. I look up to see where… Continue reading Father—less

“Who Am I?”

Jesus asked his disciples, “Who Am I?” a question we often ask about ourselves. Who are we? Well, let me tell you, rather let Jesus tell you.  Simon (Peter) was one of the most outspoken of the disciples, always full of righteous indignation on Jesus' behalf. In Mark 8:27-30, Jesus asked the disciples, "Who do… Continue reading “Who Am I?”

Resolute in Me

The middle of March this past year is when our lives changed. The Bible says, the Lord will have his full and complete work accomplished in us (Philippians 1:6), that he works all things for the good of those who love him (Romans 8:28). Praying that God's work through this pandemic is complete soon and… Continue reading Resolute in Me

What’s Under the Bed Stays Under the Bed: Dust, Cobwebs, and My Vanity

A while back I, very unexpectedly, received an award for volunteering and helping homeless people. I was so proud of that darn thing, until the thought crossed my mind that I got an award because someone is poor and hurting. All I did was exactly what I am commanded to do by Jesus. I realized… Continue reading What’s Under the Bed Stays Under the Bed: Dust, Cobwebs, and My Vanity